A book is always judged by its cover, no matter how much we try otherwise. At Transperts, we therefore believe in giving our best efforts to ensure quality maintenance even at the final stages of the Dispatch Cycle. This practice has helped us in keeping the glassware breakage rate to the basic minimum.

Below enlisted are the stages that we follow to attain perfect combination of durability and presentation to each of our valuable consignments:

  1. Protective Wrapping:

    Based on the size of the glassware item and strength requirement, each piece is first wrapped in a clean poly bag or brown paper of 250gsm weight or bubble sheet. This serves dual purpose of glassware protection from dust, moisture as well as adds to the overall package strength.

  2. Standard Packs with Customised Labelling:

    Each Laboratory Glassware item has pre-defined quantity that needs to be packed in a single pack. For E.g. Conical Flasks, 100 ml are supplied in packs of 10. Likewise, each wrapped item is then placed either in a Die-Cut corrugated box (E/F-flute, single/double walled) or a standard 3-ply Machine Cut corrugated boxes with separators.
    We provide Polyethylene Foam Packaging for delicate glassware items (as per specific requirements)

  3. Outer Box Packing:

    5-ply corrugated boxes with BC Flute of 5.5 mm thickness are used for standard outer packaging purpose.
    The double wall combination of B and C flute provides extraordinary sturdiness and necessary protection from rough handling and other transit damages. For special purposes, BCB Flute or 7-ply boxes are built to provide a solid thickness of 7.5 mm.