At Transperts International, Quality stands for Loyalty.

We demonstrate our loyalty to our clients by consistently following the highest Quality Standards to produce some of the most reliable and competent Borosilicate Laboratory Glassware Items.

Quality Management Systems, at Transperts, constitute rigorous monitoring at each of the following stages:

  1. Borosilicate 3.3 Glass Tubing

    It is ensured that we only employ Borosilicate 3.3 Standard Glass Tubing, Rods and Capillaries to manufacture all our items. Our products, therefore, align with the main international standards (ISO 3585, DIN 12217 and ASTM E438 Type 1, Class A). This automatically certifies their Stability, Good Workability and High Thermal Shock Resistance.

  2. Wall Thickness, OD & ID

    Usage of standard glass tubing enables us to control the quality and finish of the final product coming out of it. Batch Inspections are conducted to confirm standard wall thickness as well as Outside and Inner Diameters for all the standard glassware items.

  3. Product Testing

    Raw material purity ensures uniform glass properties. Our products are tested for consistent weight and dimensional details, volumetric accuracy and tolerances that align with universally accepted international standards. Class “A” Glassware Range comes with Individual Calibration Certificate and an Individual Product Serial Number. Each certificate includes details of the actual volume, uncertainty estimation for the calibration and the required tolerance for compliance.

  4. Product Finish

    100 % piece inspection is performed to discard the rejections. At Transperts, we follow highest quality check standards for both our Product Lines (viz. Borosilicate Glass as well as LABH & TransLab Products). Piece inspection involve following examinations in detail: Mechanical Strength, Optimum Wall Thickness, Product Weight, Rim Uniformity and Finesse, Base Strength & Stability, Print Clarity and Overall Finish.

  5. Packing Standards

    Standard as well as Customised Packing Procedures is our USP. We believe that in this age of time, a book is always judged by it covers and this belief have led us to sharpen our Packing Protocols. From basic Corrugated Box packing to customized Die-cut box packing we are experts at it all. Single Box Packing is something that we are aspiring to launch very soon. This is a completely fresh concept in science industry and will provide our clients to become a pioneer of a breakthrough phenomenon.