As per the procedures outlined in ASTM Standard E542 all the volumetric glassware manufactured at Transperts are calibrated by cleaning, setting the meniscus, manipulating the apparatus, weighing and converting the weight to the appropriate standard volume.
  • Calibration of volumetric apparatus at specified intervals is an important task.
  • Volume, weight and delivery time at calibration temperature are common parameters for calibrations.
  • It is important to maintain constant temperature (25 +/- 2°C) during calibration and use calibrated weights.
  • All volumetric glassware is calibrated under controlled temperature and light conditions, either as “To Contain – TC/In” or “To Deliver – TD/Ex”.
  • Lower level of meniscus is read for clear liquid readings and upper level for colored solutions readings, keeping your eye level horizontal in line with the liquid level.


  • Our Class “A” Glassware Range comes with Individual Calibration Certificate and an Individual Product Serial Number.
  • Each certificate includes details of the actual volume, uncertainty estimation for the calibration and the required tolerance for compliance
  • Graduated Pipettes, Cylinders and Burettes are calibrated at three separate points on the scale which is detailed on the certificate.
  • Each Volumetric Flask of precision grade is calibrated to contain a specific volume under controlled temperature settings.