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LABHTM range of Laboratory Glassware includes an array of almost all the routine items required in regular laboratory usage. Our expertise in providing competitive rates without compromising on the product quality, for over 6 years has made our products to be preferred across major states in India. LABH products are known for their impeccable after-sale services. In fact, our brand is recognized & publicized for its’ unique client servicing and impressive business experience.

Why Borosilicate Glass?

Ever wondered why laboratory glassware and bake ware can endure blistering autoclave and oven temperatures of 450-500 degrees without fracturing, cracking or shattering, unlike regular glass that blows apart into million pieces with a sudden temperature change?

The answer lies in the type of glass being used. One particular type that stands out and is well-known for its extraordinary quality and safety is borosilicate glass.

Unlike regular glass, which is composed of silica, soda and lime, the borosilicate glass composition also includes at least 5% boric oxide. This special ingredient was first added to the traditional glass mixture by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century. He therefore produced what came to be known as borosilicate glass, or “boro”, as it is often called, famous for its high tolerance to heat and extreme resistance to severe temperature changes.

LABH Product Characteristics


  • Higher melting point
  • Low thermal expansion co-efficient
  • Can withstand up to 515 degrees and does not melt until 550 degrees


  • High resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Can handle even the most volatile chemicals
  • Remains inert and intact in a corrosive environment for a very long time


  • Tested as per Class-B accuracy standards
  • Further precision reliability due to ASTM-DIN-USP based Class-A calibrations for volumetric glassware
  • Zero room for non-tested or substandard products


  • Wall thickness consistent to Borosil standards
  • Heavier products made available on demand, for superior strength
  • Shock proof from routine washing & sterilization