Ours is a very straightforward story, with some very peculiar business philosophies that are hard to compete against. We hope this page will help you know us better.


  • It is a fashionable combination of Transparent and Experts (TRANS-PERTS).
  • We originally got together with the vision of going beyond the experts in scientific laboratory glassware industry and therefore call ourselves TRANSPERTS, Beyond the Experts.
  • However, we do admit that it is quite disheartening when people call us Transport International; Oh… Well… We try not to let that get in our way of being awesome for our clients.


Restructured in 2008, as a modest supplier of Borosilicate Glass Products, we have come a long way from our initial struggling days to launching our own brand LABH (Link for LABH Page) in the Science Market.

Coming from a family of Glassware Pioneers, we always had deep passion for Quality Laboratory Glassware and nurtured an enduring dream of introducing glassware products that shall not only surpass the needs of end users but also suit the requirements of dealers & distributors equally. However, stubborn monopoly and lack of reliability amongst the industry influencers hindered these intentions for a very long time.

Sheer focus and a personal passion of making a difference provided the necessary impetus to constantly improve our quality standards and have led us to reach this point. We now supply Borosilicate Glassware as well as Branded Products all across India with a straightforward vision of easing the business experience of our clients by filling the age-old gaps in the system.



Our vision is not just restricted to providing the BEST QUALITY as per identified international standards, but also to gain a lifelong reputation of being a BEST SERVICE PROVIDER Company in the Glassware Industry.


To go an extra mile for every single one of our clients by striking a mutually beneficial discount deal, crafting most competitive quality products & simplifying the dispatch, transportation & delivery process, to make it a memorable business experience every single time.


  • Mr. Sidhanshu Jain – Proprietor & Vice President, Operations

    • A true driving force behind Transperts’ work ethics and milestones achieved so far. Company’s corporate values are the direct reflections of his professional vision.
    • He joined business at an early age of 20 years before even completing his basic education and has never looked back since then.
    • His ardent ambition of looking at things through a client’s perspective has led us to come up with the very unique product related services in the industry.
    • His Corporate Slogan: Slow & Steady Wins the Race.
  • Ms. Sheetal Jain – Partner & Head of Sales & Marketing

    • A creative curator of Transperts’ brand & corporate reputation. She is the face of the company, shouldering an array of responsibilities right from Client Acquisition to handling the complete Sales & Marketing development cycle.
    • She comes with an extensive and rich professional background. With a total experience of more than 5 years in Sales, Marketing & Business Development, she completed her Masters in Business Administration from London School of Commerce, specializing in International Business.
    • Her contributions towards company’s branding and expansion is irrefutable.
    • Her Corporate Slogan: Work Hard in Silence; Let your Success Make the Noise.
  • Mr. Kapil Jain – Head of Accounting & Sr. Operations Manager

    • Our senior most team member with an incredible experience and knowledge in the Accounting Field.
    • His timely expert inputs have helped Transperts’ make some really significant moves in the past.
    • He continues sharing his brilliance by offering his sharp accounting skills to strengthen our assets on a time to time basis.
    • His Corporate Slogan: Vision without Execution is Delusion.


TRANSPERTS team is a multi-functional group of expert glassware blowers & quality testers. Our glassware products go through a set of rigorous quality checks and calibration standards perfected by our in-house team of industry specialists.
We ensure our team’s high performance and cohesiveness by appointing experts in each of following segments of quality glassware manufacturing.

  1. Tube measurement and cutting
  2. Glass blowing machine
  3. Verification of glassware quality
  4. Testing & calibration
  5. Inner and outer carton packing

Customer Relationship Management

We have a dedicated team member working full time to take care of our client needs and queries. Keeping clients happy and engaged, while catering to all complaints and concerns, is at the core of their job responsibilities.