We are a group of extremely stubborn entrepreneurs, who refuse to give up on our clients’ simplest business expectations/needs. Whether it’s a product-related modification or service-related adaptation, we offer it all.

Here’s why you should work with us :

  • more than 58% collective discount:

    More than 58% collective discount (45% + 12 - 14% savings from free packing & forwarding services) on Catalogue Rates without compromising on Quality & Packing Standards.

  • a quality conscious brand choice at an affordable price:

    LABH is a Brand with Benefit. It was created to resolve each and every technical worry that frustrates majority of the laboratory glassware dealers/traders.

  • adherence to ASTM/ISO/USP regulations:

    Zero Compromises on Quality Production and Testing. STRICT ADHERENCE to all the International Standard Guidelines. Click here to know more.

  • complete breakage accountability:

    We take pride in being there for our clients even after the sale process is complete. Once the breakage quantity and condition is confirmed via images/photographs, we provide complete replacement/reimbursement as per the discussed terms. After all, client service is the most primary business etiquette.


  • Company Name


  • Company Motto

    To go “Beyond the Experts”

  • Year of Establishment


  • Primary Business

    Scientific Laboratory Glassware Items (Class B & Class A with Individual Calibration Certificates), Thermometers & Microscopes

  • Primary Client Base

    Scientific Laboratory Glassware Dealers, Traders, Exporters, Wholesalers, Glassware Manufacturers

  • Secondary Client Base

    School & Colleges, Research & Pathological Laboratories.

  • Leader’s Message

    Real business outcome lies in a businessman’s attitude towards his/her clients’ needs. And all we care about is our client’s professional fulfilment. Reach out to us and we shall show you how we can make your business a smooth journey, a world that lies beyond the experts.

  • Contact Numbers

    +91-9004194986 / +91-9215188363


Laboratory Glassware Range
Borosilicate Glass Only,
Class “B” Glassware &
Class “A” Glassware with Calibration Certificates

Alcohol & Mercury
Yellow Imported Capillary
In White Plastic Casing

Compound & Others
(In Both Bakelite and Brass)